Claudius II – Bronze Pendant


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This 2000 year old bronze coin is set in sterling silver, then finished with a 18 inch sterling silver chain allowing this artifact to be admired. The necklace comes with a certification card for the coin giving a description of the Empire it is from.

Marcus Aurelius Claudius Augustus Gothicus (268-270 A.D.) Claudius was the commander of the Roman army that decisively defeated the Goths at the Battle of Naissus in September 268; in the same month, he attained the throne, amid charges, never proven, that he murdered his predecessor Gallienus. However, he soon proved to be less than bloodthirsty, as he asked the Roman Senate to spare the lives of Gallienus’ family and supporters. He was less magnanimous toward Rome’s enemies, however, and it was to this that he owed his popularity.

  • Necklace length: 18″
  • Necklace material: sterling silver
  • Pendant size: 3/4 ¬†inch round
  • Pendant setting material: sterling silver