Bronze Roman Coin – Emperor Jovian (363 – 364 AD)


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This 2000 year old bronze coin is set in sterling silver, then finished with 20 inches of pewter chain, allowing this artifact to be admired. The necklace comes with a certification card for the coin giving a description of the Empire it is from.

From the time of Augustus to the Fall of the Western Empire, Rome’s dominion covered all of the following:  England and Wales, most of Europe; coastal northern Africa, together with the adjacent province of Egypt; the Balkans, the Black Sea, and Asia Minor; and also much of the Middle East.  The coinage was minted throughout these regions in many different metals including bronze, silver a& gold.

  • Chain length: 20”
  • Chain material: pewter 
  • Pendant material: bronze and sterling silver
  • Pendant size:  1 inch round