Bronze Roman Coin – Emperor Valens


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This ancient bronze coin is set in sterling silver, then finished with 18 inches of pewter chain, allowing this artifact to be admired. The necklace comes with a certification card for the coin giving a description of the Empire it is from.

Valens is credited with the commission of a short history of the Roman State.  This work produced by Valens’ secretary Euthropius, and known with the name Breviarium ab Urbe condita, tells the story of Rome from its founding. According to some historians, Valens was motivated by the necessity of learning Roman history, that he, the royal family and their appointees might better mix with the Roman Senatorial class.  Valens was sometimes known as the Last True Roman Emperor.  His successor was Theodosius I.

  • Chain length:18”
  • Chain material: pewter 
  • Pendant material: sterling silver
  • Pendant size:  1  3/4 ” long x 1 ” wide 

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