Ancient Roman Glass Jewellery

This collection features pieces of ancient Roman glass. Some are raw glass material that would have been used for glass blowing, and others were once vessels, glasses, jars and various other items created 2000 years ago.

Most ancient Roman glass is from the Silk Road trading route, dating back to 200 BCE. Remnants of a life lived thousands of years ago, each fragment differs in age and appearance and has undergone its own unique transformation over the centuries.

While most often featuring a green/blue colouring, the years of exposure to the elements can create a beautiful patina iridescence in a range of hues. The rough, irregular finish of these glass fragments are testament of their journey from ancient times to today. Remember it could be a a 2000-year old piece of someone’s wine glass you are wearing!

Artifacts from a time long past, these pieces of glass have been transformed into stylish pendants with fine silver work or drilled to create beads. The result is a varied selection of elegant, and remarkable necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and rings.

These amazing artifacts will become your own unique, historical treasure!

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